I am that Butterfly ^_^

some pics from the Eds Summit I am apart of Eds Emergency disaster Sevices at work and the Salvation army I help feed people and I am a local disaster worker got my badge this year. we went to Washburn IL for a few days and it was amazing .what I call work is the Salvation Army…

Roses, pumkin me in makeup. Photography by angela rose

me I took the picture I used to wear alot of makeup, wow but no I dont wear it as much but I do like it.  roses are special to me more because of my middle name being rose. hope everyone enjoys. the pumpkin with the face for Halloween made that long ago as well.

Happy fall. <3

i took all of these a very long time ago lots of falls ago but i love them even the pics of me are amazing happy fall everyone.

Photography by angela Rose , some Clouds and me

I really love taking pics of myself nature and the clouds. and i hope to have alots of cloud pics someday sorry its taken me awhile to blog again life got me busy.  so i hope everyone enjoys this.

Flowers me and my photography.

I didn’t take these pics of me I’m pretty sure my mom did there cute but my photography is one of kind and special and I just want the world to know all about it. I am very happy all the new things ill want to do with my work.  This is a beautiful blessing # photography…

My photography tells a sweet story.

This is why I love to take pictures one it a moment to always look back on.. two it makes me happy every time I do it.  There are so many wonderful reasons why I love to do this the list goes on and on.